Whiskey BFA Kit Toronto
Whiskey BFA Kit Toronto
Whiskey BFA Kit Toronto
Whiskey BFA Kit Toronto
Whiskey BFA Kit Toronto
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Whiskey BFA Kit Toronto

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Kits Options:

  • Date Night (4 cocktails)
  • BFA Kit (8 cocktails)
  • Social Kit (16 cocktails)

Kit Includes:

This kit includes all the beautiful ingredients needed to create your perfect cocktail experience. Whiskey, fresh mixes, and garnishes for 2, 8 or 16 speakeasy-style cocktails.


Sazerac - whiskey / peychaud / sugar / anise

Socially Distant - whiskey / brandy / salted caramel / lime / egg white

Ol' Buddy - whiskey / Italian bitters / vermouth

Smoked Madeira Manhattan - whiskey / madeira / bitters / smoke


*** Please let us know about any allergies or dietary restrictions you have.  We are happy to make changes to accommodate the best we can.  Please note that we attempt to stay away from common allergens, however we do work out of a shared kitchen and cannot guarantee that these common allergens are not used by others we share the space with.


 Cocktail kits should be left in the fridge at all times and packaging kept upright once opened. 


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