Thyme Salty Dog Instructions

Thyme Salty Dog

Gin, grapefruit, thyme, salt

For this cocktail, you will need the following:

  • Mini Gin Bottle
  • 3.0 oz from your thyme Grapefruit container
  • Bag of Salt for rim
  • Ice for building the cocktail
  • Ice for serving your cocktail
  • Candied Grapefruit piece
  • Red Solo Cup
  • Bamboo Garnish Skewer
  • Two small Plates (not provided)
  • 0.5 oz of water (not provided)

How to build this cocktail

  1. Using 2 small plates from your kitchen, add 0.5oz water to one, then empty the bag of salt to the other
  2. Dip glassware of choice into the water on first plate, then into the salt on the second plate
  3. Fill rimmed glass with ice and set aside while you build your cocktail
  4. Add mini Gin bottle to the shaker jar
  5. Add thyme Grapefruit container to the shaker jar
  6. Add about 1/2 cup of ice to the shaker jar
  7. Replace the cover and screw the lid back onto the shaker jar
  8. Shake the cocktail for 10-12 seconds
  9. Unscrew the lid and slide the cover just enough to strain the cocktail into ice-filled salt-rimmed glass
  10. Garnish by placing the candied grapefruit on a garnish skewer and add to the cocktail