CanSAGE Chiller Instructions

What you will need to build this drink

  • Pouch marked White Cranberry Cherry
  • Pouch marked Rose, Coconut, Lime Syrup
  • Shaker jar
  • Dried rose
  • 2 plates (not included)
  • A tablespoon (not included)
  • Ice for building, and serving (not included)
  • Tall glass (not included)

How to build this drink

    1. Keeping the rose in the bag, crush the rose into a course dust, and remove the stem 
    2. Add the rose petals to the first plate
    3. Measure a tablespoon from the Rose, Coconut, Lime syrup pouch, and add to the second plate
    4. Carefully lay the glass on its side in the Lime Coconut Rose syrup, coating the whole side top to bottom
    5. After the one side of the glass is coated in the syrup, roll the coated side of the glass in the course rose petal dust
    6. Slowly stand the glass up, and using a damp paper towel, clean up any syrup that has not collected rose petals.  Set glass aside while you build the drink
    7. Add the remaining contents from the Lime Coconut Rose pouch to the shaker jar
    8. Add the contents from the pouch marked White Cranberry Cherry to the shaker jar
    9. If you are adding any additional ingredients ie Tequila, Gin, or Vodka, measure between 1.5 oz - 2.0 oz, and add to the shaker jar
    10. Add about 1/4 cup of ice to the shaker jar
    11. Replace the ring and cover to the shaker jar, and shake for 10-12 seconds
    12. Fill your prepped glass with ice
    13. Remove the ring from the shaker, and slide the cover off the jar just enough so that you can strain the cocktail into ice-filled, prepped glass