A Galaxy Far Far Away

*We have included a small red solo cup to be used as your measure.  The line near the bottom is the measure for .5 oz.  The cup full is 2 oz.  Anytime you are measuring less than 2 oz, we recommend using the measure of .5 oz to the cumulative total required for your drink.

What you will need to build this cocktail

  • Mini bottle of vodka
  • Pouch marked strawberry-lavender-ginger
  • Pouch marked butterfly pea
  • Shaker jar
  • Ice for building and serving
  • Red solo cup measure
  • Bag of magic dust
  • Lemon zest

How to build this cocktail

  1. Add the contents of the mini vodka bottle to the shaker jar
  2. Measure 2.0 oz from the pouch marked strawberry-lavender-ginger, and add to the shaker jar
  3. Measure 0.5 oz from the pouch marked butterfly pea, and add to the shaker jar
  4. Add about 1/4 cup of ice to the shaker jar and screw the ring and cover on tightly
  5. Shake the cocktail for 20 seconds
  6. Remove the ring from the shaker jar, and slide the cover off the jar just enough to strain the cocktail into ice filled glass
  7. Sprinkle the magic dust over the cocktail (start with half the contents of magic dust, if you would like the drink to have more acidity, add the rest after you have tasted), give a gentle stir, and watch the drink change colours
  8. Using the lemon zest, with the yellow side down, squeeze the zest, releasing the oils into the drink
  9. Rub the zest around the rim of the glass and burry into the drink