Holiday Cocktail Calendar DAY 3

Please keep all fresh items refrigerated until consumption.

We recommend opening the packages using scissors if you have them available. 

Please do not discard the bar spoon (large wooden skewer) included in this kit as is used for multiple cocktails

Keep The Change You Filthy Animal

Bourbon / crème de cacao / maraschino liqueur / vermouth

What you will need to build this cocktail 

  • Pouch marked Keep The Change (bourbon)
  • Pouch marked Filthy Animal (amarena, vermouth, luxardo maraschino and creme de cacao)
  • Mixing jar
  • Ice for building and serving your drink
  • Smoke chip
  • Small plate (not included) 
  • Lighter or kitchen torch (not included)
  • Skewer
  • Bar spoon (large wooden spoon)
  • Chocolate maraschino cherry

How to build your cocktail

  1. Using the a small plate and a lighter, in a well ventilated space, light your wood chip on fire 
  2. Keep the chip on fire as long as you can before blowing out, place the smoking chip on the plate, and cover with the glassware you are using for this drink
  3. Empty all of the pouches into the mixing jar
  4. Add ½ cup of ice to the mixing jar and stir with wooden spoon for 20-25 seconds
  5. Add ice to your glass, we recommend serving this drink with a king cube if available
  6. Remove the ring from the jar, and slide the cover off the jar just enough to strain the cocktail into ice filled glass
  7. Gently skewer the chocolate covered cherry from the stem down and rest on the rim of the glass