Holiday Cocktail Calendar DAY 8

Please keep all fresh items refrigerated until consumption.

We recommend opening the packages using scissors if you have them available. 

Please do not discard the bar spoon (large wooden skewer) included in this kit as is used for multiple cocktails

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

Bourbon / creme de cacao / orange liqueur / sugar / orange bitters 

What you will need to build this cocktail

  • Cotton Headed pouch (bourbon)
  • Ninny Muggins pouch (creme de cocoa, triple sec)
  • Mixing jar
  • Ice for building and serving
  • Skewer
  • Bar spoon
  • Sugar cube
  • Chocolate orange truffle

How to build this cocktail

  1. Add the sugar cube to the jar
  2. Pour the pouch marked Ninny Muggins into the jar and use the large end of bar spoon (wooden skewer) to crush the sugar cube
  3. Add the pouch marked Cotton Headed 
  4. Replace the ring and lid to the jar and shake to dissolve the sugar 
  5. Remove ring and lid, add ½ of ice to the jar, use the large end of the bar spoon to stir for 20 seconds
  6. Use the lid of the jar to strain into ice filled rocks glass (we recommend a king cube if available)
  7. Skewer the chocolate orange and rest on the rim of the glass to garnish