MSB 2022: Day 10

7 Levels of Candy Cane 

Vodka, creme de menthe, italian bitters, vanilla

What you need to make this cocktail:

  • Pouch marked 7 levels of candy cane (vodka, creme de menthe, italian bitters and vanilla)
  • Mixing jar
  • Bar Spoon
  • Ice for building and serving
  • Candy cane rimmer
  • Mini candy cane
  • 2 small plates
  • Water

How to build this drink:

  1. Using 2 small plates; add ½ oz of water to the first, and the candy cane rimmer to the second
  2. Dip the rim of the glass into the water on the first plate, then into the candy cane rimmer on the second. You can choose to rim your whole glass or just part of it.  Set the glass aside while you build the drink
  3. Empty the pouch marked 7 levels of candy cane into your mixing jar
  4. Add about ½ cup of ice to the mixing jar
  5. Place the fat end of your bar spoon to the bottom of the jar (wooden skewer), and stir your cocktail for 20-30 seconds
  6. Replace the cover off the jar just enough to strain the cocktail into your glassware of choice
  7. Add ice to your glassware
  8. Hang your candy cane on the rim of your glass