MSB 2022: Day 7

‘Central Perk’ Me Up!

Bourbon, Amaro, sweet vermouth, espresso, smoke

What you need to build this cocktail:

  • Pouch marked ‘central perk’ me up (bourbon, Amaro, sweet vermouth and espresso)
  • Ice for building and serving
  • Coffee ginger cookie
  • Woodchip 
  • Small plate 
  • Lighter 
  • Mixing jar
  • Garnish Skewer

How to make this drink:

  1. Using a small plate and a lighter (not provided); and working in a well ventilated area, light your wood chip on fire. Be patient with this step, you want to make sure the chip is burning well before you blow it out
  2. Blow out the wood chip and quickly place it on the plate. Cover with a rocks style glass, smoking the glass while you build the drink
  3. Empty the pouch marked ‘central perk’ me up into the mixing jar
  4. Add about ½ cup of ice to the mixing jar
  5. Using the fat end of the bar spoon, (wooden skewer) stir the cocktail for 20 seconds
  6. Replace the cover back onto the jar leaving just enough space to strain the cocktail into an ice filled glass
  7. Garnish by resting the garnish skewer across the rim of the glass, and then carefully rest your coffee ginger cookie on the skewer