MSB 2022: Day 6

Mistletoe After Party

Gin, sage, blood orange

What you need to make this cocktail:

  • Pouch marked mistletoe after party (gin, sage and blood orange)
  • Ice for building
  • Mixing jar
  • Bar Spoon
  • Holly shaped icing candy
  • Garnish skewer

How to build your drink

  1. Empty the pouch marked mistletoe after party into the mixing jar
  2. Add about Β½ cup of ice to the mixing jar
  3. Using the fat end of the bar spoon; (wooden skewer) stir your cocktail for 20 seconds or slightly longer if you like your cocktail with a little more water
  4. Replace the cover back onto the jar, leaving just enough space to strain the cocktail into your glassware of choice.Β  We recommend serving this cocktail straight up.
  5. Place the garnish skewer across the rim of the glassΒ 
  6. Carefully garnish with the holly icing candy resting across your garnish skewer