gin / Italian bitters / vermouth 

What you need to build this cocktail:

  • Pouch marked gin
  • Pouch marked Italian bitters
  • Pouch marked vermouth
  • Bar spoon (wooden stir stick)
  • Mixing jar (mason jar)
  • Ice for building and serving (we recommend a king cube)
  • Orange wheel

How to build this cocktail:

  1. Measure 1oz gin, Italian bitters and vermouth into the mixing jar
  2. Add ½ cup of ice
  3. Using the bar spoon stir the cocktail until well chilled approximately 20-22 seconds
  4. Use the mason jar cover to strain your cocktail into your ice filled glassware of choice 
  5. Squeeze orange zest to release aromas over cocktail, then rub zest on rim of glass before twisting and dropping in cocktail.