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3 cocktails, can of Flora Hall craft beer. homemade bbq sauce and meat rub.
Father's day experience logo
BFA Father's Day BBQ Cocktail Experience
from $80.00
four bourbon cocktails. top left tall glass filled with a bourbon cocktail with a dried pineapple garnish. Top right bourbon cocktail with egg white foam, and dried lemon garnish. Bottom left bourbon cocktail with a cherry garnished by a skewer. Bottom right bourbon cocktail with egg white foam. The glass is garnished with cornflower fireworks.
Bourbon cocktail experience logo
Bourbon Cocktail Experience Ottawa
from $90.00
Gin Experience Graphic
Pinkies Up gin cocktail from the gin cocktail experience with dehydrated lemon in tall glass
Gin Experience
from $70.00
Our four different margarita cocktails in vintage glassware
Margarita experience graphic
Margarita Experience
from $75.00
from $70.00
Our four different whiskey cocktails in vintage glassware
Whiskey experience graphic
from $70.00
Vodka Experience Graphic
Sweet Pea vodka cocktail from the vodka cocktail experience with a red striped straw topped with blue cotton candy in a rocks style glass
from $70.00
All 4 cocktails that are apart of this kit are shown in variety of different glasses. Each one filled up, and garnished, with sparkling wine bottles in the background
Bubbly box logo
Bubbly Box
from $140.00
Lets Get It Percolating cocktail, Spiced rum cocktail in a glass with a stem. White in colour cocktail, creamy, with a light layer of white foam on top. Garnished with a mini biscotti with a white drizzle across the biscotti.
Truffle infused vodka cocktail in a glass, red-ish brown in colour, with clamato juice in cocktail. Glass is rimmed with steak spice, and cocktail is garnished with half of a pickled egg and chrizo which are garnished together with a skewer
Brunch Box Experience
Bar From Afar Cocktail Club Ottawa

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"Hey guys just wanted to say thank you so very very much for last night. The whole crew was impressed by your cocktails, your vibe and the fun you brought. What an amazing way to kick off this next decade!"

Emilie Wilcox, Managing Partner, Baiame Consulting
Ottawa, CA

"Everything you said, and everything you did for the cocktail demo was seriously beyond impressive, and I am grateful beyond words. Everyone loved the cocktail, and you were a highlight of our VIP session, so thank you, thank you, thank you."


Lydia Blanchard
CHEO Foundation

“That was Fantastic. Such a great story behind the business. This was a great way to start the weekend for sure!”

Sasha Schaeffer
Ottawa, CA

“The session was great - Greg was awesome and the drinks were delicious! We will definitely be repeat customers and will be sharing with friends and family”

Maggies Smith
Ottawa, CA

“What a fantastic shopping, buying, and delivery experience. You have created an incredible service that inspires me to invent new occasions to order cocktails and send to friends!”

Wendy Cumming
Ottawa, CA