The New Dry January

by Sarah O'Brien

As we enter 2022 and the 3rd calendar year of living in the midst of a pandemic; I can’t be the only one feeling like the last thing I need right now is to consider going Dry! 

Like a lot of other people, I over indulged in food and alcohol throughout the holidays and felt myself wanting to reset for both my mind and body.  At the same time, I was grappling with the added pressure I was putting on myself by making a massive shift all at once and all while we entered yet another lockdown.  

I, like most, found myself scrolling Tik Tok one day and came upon several videos of people talking about Dry-ish January.  Which simply put is a modified version of dry January that allows you to indulge on special occasions or specific dates while still holding true to the DRY part of January (mostly).  This moderate approach, while I had not heard of it before, seemed genius to me!  We already put so much pressure on ourselves at the start of a new year; with the setting of new goals, and making resolutions.  

For me, the idea of Dry-ish January brings the perfect balance; whether I am getting together with friends for a special occasion, or celebrating a birthday.   If I’m feeling like it, I can make the choice to indulge in a cocktail or two without feeling guilty that I’ve broken my promise to myself.

I commend all those who fully partake in Dry January…or frankly any Dry month or period of time that you feel is best for your body, mind and spirit!  

For all those who do wish to abstain, the good news is there are more options than ever before that allow you to enjoy the flavour, complexity and experience of a cocktail but without the alcohol. 

Over the last year I started to notice that nonalcoholic options aren’t nearly as limited as they used to be.  No longer are you stuck with a Shirley Temple or a soda with lime!  Products like Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha offer a wonderful nonalcoholic alternative.  

At Bar From Afar; while our main business is cocktails, we always want to be as inclusive as possible with all of our offerings.  One example of this is our recently released Bubbly Box; which can be ordered with Sparkling wine or Kombucha alike for those looking for a nonalcoholic alternative without compromising on the flavor or experience.

We also offer most of our single spirit experiences with a low ABV (alcohol by volume) or no ABV alternative through the use of company’s such as Cedar & Co and Lyre Spirits.  These low and no ABV alternatives allow anyone the ability to enjoy a mocktail in the exact same way it’s alcoholic cocktail version was designed.  The ‘spirits’ are all designed to mimic the flavour and texture of their full ABV counterparts, making them the perfect substitute.  

A few years ago, if someone had asked me about mocktails; I would have likely offered up fruit juice topped with sparkling water to fancy it up, but today you can enjoy any classic cocktail creation whether you’re doing Dry January, looking to cut back, or cut out alcohol completely.

Co-Founder, Sarah O'Brien

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