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    If you have selected a cocktail experience (cocktail kit) please note that we will not be able to include egg white in any package that is being shipped.  Please make sure you have some on hand to prepare your drinks.

    Products being shipped outside of Ontario will not include alcohol.

    14 products
    Bottled Cocktail Trio Gift Set
    from $37.75
    salted pretzels
    four bourbon cocktails. top left tall glass filled with a bourbon cocktail with a dried pineapple garnish. Top right bourbon cocktail with egg white foam, and dried lemon garnish. Bottom left bourbon cocktail with a cherry garnished by a skewer. Bottom right bourbon cocktail with egg white foam. The glass is garnished with cornflower fireworks.
    Bourbon cocktail experience logo
    BYOB Bourbon / Rye Cocktail Experience
    from $30.20
    Dehydrated Limes
    Bag of Dehydrated Limes
    Dehydrated Limes
    Dehydrated Oranges
    Bag of Dehydrated Oranges
    Dehydrated Oranges
    Flowers in Lexington
    from $12.84
    Truffle Vodka (8oz)
    Dehydrated Lemons
    Bag of Dehydrated Lemons
    Dehydrated Lemons
    Cool Hand Cuke Bottled Cocktail
    Bottled Cocktail - Cool Hand Cuke
    from $9.06
    Letter 23 Bottled Cocktail
    Bottled Cocktail - Letter 23
    from $9.06
    Cherry Tree bottled cocktail
    Bottled Cocktail - Cherry Tree
    from $9.06
    Whiskey Sour Bottled Cocktail
    Bottled Cocktail - Whiskey Sour
    from $9.06
    mocktails from mocktail kit
    Mocktail Experience
    Bar in a jars - Mason jar with everything you need to create two craft cocktails at home
    Bar in a jar - gin jar - everything you need to make two gin cocktails (mix, garnishes and jar to use a mixing jar or mixing glass)
    Bar In A Jar