About BFA in Toronto

In mid March 2020, a global pandemic changed the world and made its way to Toronto, Ontario forcing a shut down of most industries. 

My wife and I, with employment in the financial and hospitality sectors, have been greatly impacted. The first week of quarantine was an emotional roller coaster of uncertainty and unknown. In order to maintain some control and create our own bright spot each day, we attempted to make the best of the time at home by creating a “happy hour”. We used this time to check in, share a snack and a cocktail using the stock in our home bar. 

We saw the importance in turning off the news and coming up with ways to distract ourselves with something we are both passionate about - food and drink. 

After posting a few of our cocktails to social media, we started receiving comments such as “ohh, I want that” or “will you deliver?”.  This got us thinking and soon after Bar From Afar was born. 

All that being said...

We are currently offering a service that brings you delicious, classic speakeasy-style cocktails. You can think of this as being somewhat similar to a food box service, but for cocktails. 

Mostly likely, you have a small selection of booze in your home; however to create the classic cocktails you would normally enjoy at your favourite bar or restaurant requires a selection of random ingredients you likely don’t stock or would you buy for just that one cocktail recipe. 

We will prepare and deliver a complete cocktail kit to drop on your doorstep or for pickup, whichever option you choose at the time of order.

The kit includes everything you need, except glassware, to prepare your speakeasy quality cocktails in your home - the alcohol, juices, seasonings, garnishes, and detailed, easy-to-follow instructions.

We now ship across Canada and are hosting virtual & in-person events.