Coconut Connect Instructions

Happy Cocktail Day!

 *We have included a small red solo cup to be used as your measure.  The line near the bottom is the measure for .5 oz.  The cup full is 2 oz.  Anytime you are measuring less than 2 oz, we recommend using the measure of .5 oz to the cumulative total required for your drink.

** We recommend opening the packages using scissors if you have them available.  Please cut above the reseal line.  Once open, if resealing to use some at a later point, we recommend keeping the package upright and sealed until using again.

***We recommend enjoying your cocktails within two weeks of receiving them for peak freshness.

The Coconut Connection

Tequila, pineapple, coconut, lime

What you will need to build this cocktail

  • Pouch marked Margarita (aka tequila) or pouch marked non- alcoholic rum (for Canadian mocktails) or soda (for American mocktails) 
  • Pouch marked pineapple coconut
  • Pouch marked lime
  • Shaker jar
  • Red solo cup measure
  • Ice for building (not included)
  • Plates (not included)
  • Toasted coconut & pink salt rimmer
  • Candied pineapples
  • Skewer
  • Umbrella 

How to build this cocktail:

  1. Using 2 small plates, add about ½ oz of water to the first, and toasted coconut & pink salt to the second plate
  2. Dip the rim of the glass into the water on the first plate, then the salt on the second. Set glass aside while you build the drink, let salt cure before smoking your glass
  3. Empty pouch marked margarita (or pouch marked non- alcoholic rum) and add to shaker jar 
  4. Empty pouch marked lime and add to shaker jar
  5. Empty pouch marked pineapple coconut and add to shaker jar
  6. Add ½ cups of ice to the shaker jar and shake for 10-12 seconds 
  7. Remove glass from plate and add ice to glass
  8. Remove ring and use cover to strain cocktail into ice filled glass
  9. For American mocktails, top your beverage with soda.
  10. Garnish by piercing skewer through candied pineapples and resting on glass.  Pop the umbrella and rest on rim of glass as well.