Holiday Cocktail Calendar DAY 5

Please keep all fresh items refrigerated until consumption.

We recommend opening the packages using scissors if you have them available. 

Please do not discard the bar spoon (large wooden skewer) included in this kit as is used for multiple cocktails

The Dude is Coming to Town 

Coconut washed vodka / coffee liqueur / Vodkow creamer

What you will need to build this cocktail

  • Pouch marked The Dude is Coming to Town (coconut washed vodka)
  • Pouch marked Coffee Liqueur (Kahlua)
  • Vodkow Creamer
  • Shaker jar
  • Ice for building and serving your drink
  • 2 small plates (not included)
  • Water (not included)
  • Toasted coconut rimmer

How to build your cocktail

  1. Using 2 small plates, add about 0.5 oz of water to the first, and toasted coconut to the second 
  2. Dip the rim of the glass into the water on the first plate, then the toasted coconut on the second. Set glass aside while you build the drink (we recommend a rocks style glass)
  3. Empty the pouch The Dude is Coming to Town into the shaker jar
  4. Empty the Vodkow creamer in to the shaker jar
  5. Add ¼ cup of ice to the shaker jar and shake for 10-12 seconds 
  6. Add ice to your glassware of choice, remove the ring and slide the cover just enough to strain the cocktail into glass
  7. Open last pouch marked Coffee liqueur and pour over your drink.