MSB 2023: Day 1

Before you make your first cocktail; please remove, and refrigerate all pouches from the jar found in door 1.  This jar will be used as your shaker or mixing glass through your holiday cocktail adventure.

A Major Award

Rosemary thyme gin, chambord, vanilla thyme fig shrub, lemon, oleo saccharum


What you need to build this cocktail:

  • Red Solo cup
  • Shaker jar
  • Pouch marked Major Award
  • 0.5 oz from pouch marked lemon
  • 0.5 oz from pouch marked Oleo Saccharum
  • Orange & green pearls
  • Mini spoon
  • Ice (not included)
  • Recommended glassware - small wine glass


How to build this cocktail:


  1. Empty pouch marked A Major Award into shaker jar
  2. Measure 0.5 oz of lemon into shaker jar
  3. Measure 0.5 oz of Oleo Saccharum into shaker jar
  4. Add about 1 cup of ice to shaker jar
  5. Replace ring and cover to shaker jar
  6. Shake for about 20 seconds
  7. Remove the ring and cover and slide cover off just enough to strain your cocktail into a small wine glass. This cocktail is served “straight up” (no ice)
  8. Using your mini spoon, scoop the orange & green pearls onto the spoon and rest the spoon across the edge of your glass