MSB 2023: Day 12

St. Nick Milk Punch

Rum milk punch, mulled wine


Ingredient List

Pineapple, chai, allspice, clove, cinnamon, cardamon, amber rum, white rum, cachaca,  whiskey, brandy, amaro, vodka, lime

***This cocktail is clarified with dairy and contains lactose***


What you need to build this cocktail:

  • Red solo cup
  • Mixing jar
  • Pouch marked “St. Nick Milk Punch”
  • Pouch marked Mulled wine
  • Amarena cherry 
  • Garnish skewer
  • Spoon (not included)
  • Ice for building (not included)
  • Recommended glassware - Small wine glass

How to Build this Cocktail:


  1. Empty pouch marked “St.Nick Milk Punch” into mixing jar
  2. Add 1 cup ice to mixing jar
  3. Using a spoon, stir for 30 seconds 
  4. Using the cover, slide just enough so that you can strain cocktail into small wine glass
  5. Dip spoon upside down into top of cocktail and slowly pour the pouch marked “Mulled wine”, over the back of the spoon which will result in layering effect.  The more of the wine used in this step will create a more dramatic presentation.  For the above cocktail image, i used half of the pouch of mulled wine
  6. Garnish by piercing the amarena cherry and sliding it all the way up to the knot of garnish skewer. Then resting the cherry at the rim on the glass with the bottom of the skewer at the bottom of the glass.