MSB 2023: Day 5

I Made My Family Disappear

Bourbon, Creme de Cacao, orange juice, egg white


What you need to build this cocktail:

  • Red solo cup
  • Shaker jar
  • Ice (not included)
  • Pouch marked I Made My Family Disappear
  • Portion of egg white
  • Chocolate dipped orange segment
  • Recommended glassware - Coupe style 


How to Build this Cocktail:


  1. Empty pouch marked I made My Family Disappear into your shaker jar
  2. Measure 0.5 oz of egg white
  3. Replace ring and cover on shaker jar
  4. Dry shake (no ice) all ingredients 40 seconds or as long as your arms can take it (the longer you shake, the better the froth)
  5. Remove the ring and cover from the shaker jar, and add about 1 cup of ice
  6. Replace the ring and cover on your shaker jar
  7. Shake cocktail for an additional 20 seconds
  8. Remove the ring and slide the cover just enough to strain cocktail in to a coupe style glass
  9. Rest your chocolate orange on the edge of your glass