Trend Micro March 30th 2022

Happy Cocktail Day!


Please keep all fresh items refrigerated until consumption.

*We have included a small red solo cup to be used as your measure.  The line near the bottom is the measure for .5 oz.  The cup full is 2 oz.  Anytime you are measuring less than 2 oz, we recommend using the measure of .5 oz to the cumulative total required for your drink.

** We recommend opening the packages using scissors if you have them available.  Please cut above the reseal line.  Once open, if resealing to use some at a later point, we recommend keeping the package upright and sealed until using again.


vodka, orange, cranberry, lime, sugar

For this cocktail, you will need the following:

  • Your vodka bottle (or pouch of non alcoholic gin)
  • 2.0.oz of orange-cranberry-sugar 
  • 0.5 oz fresh lime juice
  • Shaker jar
  • Red solo cup measure
  • Ice for building your drink
  • Dehydrated lime wheel

How to build your Cosmopolitan

  1. Empty 1.5 oz from your vodka bottle or non alcoholic gin into the shaker jar
  2. Measure 2.0 oz. of the orange-cranberry-sugar and add it to the shaker jar
  3. Measure 0.5 oz. of fresh lime juice 
  4. Add about 1/2 cup of ice to the shaker jar
  5. Replace the cover and screw the lid onto the jar
  6. Shake for 10-12 seconds
  7. Unscrew the lid and slide the cover off the jar enough to strain the cocktail into glassware of choice (we recommend serving this cocktail straight up in a coupe-style glass)
  8. Garnish by floating the dehydrated lime wheel in the cocktail

Smoked Vanilla Chai Old Fashioned

Whiskey, vanilla, chai, bitters, sugar, smoke

  • Whiskey 1.5 oz (or non alcoholic whiskey pouch)
  • Vanilla-Chai pouch
  • Mixing jar
  • Red solo cup measure
  • Bar spoon (wooden skewer)
  • Wood chip 
  • 1 small plate (not provided)
  • Lighter or kitchen torch (not provided)
  • Splash of water (not provided)
  • Angostura bitter soaked cube 
  • Garnish with dried orange wheel

How to build your cocktail

  1. Add the sugar cube to the mixing jar, and add a splash of water to help soften it 
  2. Break up the cube using the thick end of the bar spoon 
  3. Measure 1.5 oz of whiskey and add to the mixing jar 
  4. Measure 1.0 oz from the pouch marked Vanilla-Chai, and add to the mixing jar
  5. Using a small plate and a lighter (not provided), in a well ventilated area, light your wood chip on fire.  Be patient with this step: you want to make sure the chip is burning well before you blow it out. 
  6. Blow out the wood chip and quickly place it on the plate.  Cover with a rocks style glass, smoking the glass while you build the drink 
  7. Add about a 1/2 cup of ice to the mixing jar 
  8. Place the thick end of the bar spoon into the mixing jar and stir the cocktail for 20-25 seconds  
  9. Add ice to smoked glass 
  10. Replace the cover of the jar just enough to strain the cocktail into the prepared rocks glass 
  11. Garnish with orange whee