Bubbly Box Toronto

All 4 cocktails that are apart of this kit are shown in variety of different glasses. Each one filled up, and garnished, with sparkling wine bottles in the background
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Bubbly box menu featuring 4 cocktails. Cocktail one is called, Resolution with Brandy / cherry / peychaud / bubbles. Cocktail number two is, About Last Night which has  Gin / haskap / lemon / egg whites /  bubbles. Third cocktail is,  Stay Classy which has,  Spiced rum / coconut / grapefruit / orgeat / tonic / bubbles. Final cocktail is,  One Last Dance which has, Agave / maraschino / pineapple / lime / bubbles

Bubbly Box Toronto

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Pop the Bottle it’s time to celebrate!  

Bar From Afar is excited to bring you a Bubbly Experience, perfect for all of your special moments or if you are like us and love bubbles, a regular Tuesday evening.

Each box serves 8 cocktails

  • Ingredients for four craft cocktails (two portions of each) created by the talented team at BFA
  • Spirits and garnishes for eight cocktails
  • Mason jar to hold garnishes and can be used as cocktail shaker, or mixing glass
  • Mini red solo cup to measure
  • QR code to link to detailed recipes.

Our Bubble Experience comes in there varieties- 

Veuve Clicquot Champagne 

Pelee Island Secco 

Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha (non alcoholic)

*** Although the Silver Swallow option is a non-alcoholic experience, trace amounts of alcohol can be present in some ingredients  ie: Peychaud bitters and Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha. We do use non alcoholic gin and rum for this experience



Brandy / cherry / peychaud / bubbles

About Last Night

Gin / haskap / lemon / egg whites /  bubbles

Stay Classy

Spiced rum / coconut / grapefruit / orgeat / tonic / bubbles

One Last Dance

Agave / maraschino / pineapple / lime / bubbles

All you’ll require is glassware, a handful of ice cubes, a few household items (small plates) and a moment to enjoy.  

This cocktail experience is the perfect gift for any celebration, big or small.